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Engineered products such as Enviroshake are composite roofing tiles that replicate the look of naturally- weathered cedar. These roofing materials are ideal for Whistler's climate as they improve upon the performance of natural wood for greater weather resistance, resistance to environmental stressors and overall longevity. Enviroshake products minimize roof maintenance through the use of sustainable roofing materials with an emphasis on quality engineering.

An Enviroshake, Enviroslate or Enviroshingle roof is a one-time investment, that provides engineered performance and durability with the traditional aesthetics you desire.

  • The most authentic looking cedar and slate alternatives
  • The aesthetic that you desire: Thick taper sawn cedar shakes, Smooth sawn architecturally uniform perfection cedar shingles, or thick sculpted textured slate
  • Installed for the same price as cedar* and ½ the cost of real slate
  • Maintenance and worry free
  • Withstands extreme weather including wind speeds up to 180 MPH
  • Lifetime warranty



Metal roofs for the Whistler climate are maintenance-free and will not rot, crack or warp. Steel roofs, as with Enviroshake and asphalt roofing products, are non-combustible and will not burn. Many communities across British Columbia are banning wood roofs because of the fire risk and we expect Whistler to follow suit in the very near future.

Metal roofs also weigh less than other materials and are therefore less taxing on the underlying structure of the building.

Metal roofs are also an environmentally-friendly choice. As much as 30-40% of a metal roof comes from recycled material. When it comes time to replace a metal roof, all material is recyclable and therefore you avoid the environmental costs associated with taking other products to the landfill.


Asphalt shingles are a versatile option for Whistler roofs as they can cover a variety of angles, shapes and forms and are durable over the long term. One of the top benefits of asphalt shingles over other roofing materials is their high performance at relatively low cost. Those who need more weather, fire or wind resistance can find those features in performance shingles without incurring a lot of extra cost.

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